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SAVE FOR SUCCESS is an exciting new five-year venture between PathStone Corporation, Monroe Community College, and ESL Federal Credit Union. The program allows eligible students from the Rochester and Finger Lakes region a chance to invest in their futures. Students that save up to $375 will have those savings matched 8-to-1 for a tuition grant of $3,000 at MCC. If you qualify you will also receive one-on-one financial and life skills counseling from a professional mentor. This program can help  you pay for tuition, book, and other educational expenses. If you’re willing to work, SAVE FOR SUCCESS is for you!



Each SAVE FOR SUCCESS student will be provided an ESL Federal Credit Union College Fund Savings Account to save for tuition and education-related expenses. Program participants MUST invest UP TO $375 of earned income over the course of 18 months. Once the student has been accepted at MCC, SAVE FOR SUCCESS will match the student savings 8-to-1 at a max of $3,000. Students that max out will have $3,375. This combined account will offset the cost of tuition, books and other educational essentials.


Program Partners:

SAVE FOR SUCCESS is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the generous private support from our community.

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